Un lamento. Un rito de paso. Un encantamiento hacia el amor propio a través de la liberación del dolor. Una canción sin palabras que ha tomado fuego. La artista londinense ãssia, compartirán una versión sonora íntima de su nuevo EP, Aftercare, que trata sobre los recuerdos perdidos, el paso del tiempo y los cuidados que podemos recibir con la comprensión del amor.


A lament. A rite of passage. An incantation towards self-love through the release of pain. A song without words that is like a fire. London based artists, ãssia, will share an intimate sound version of their new EP, Aftercare, which is about lost memories, the passage of time and the care we can receive with the understanding of love.


Ãssia Ghendir is an artist and somatic healing practitioner. Their current practice is research-driven and currently exists at the intersection of geographic movements within ancestry, grief, prayer and queerness. Rooted in ancient amazigh lament practices and north-african rites of passage assia’s vocal work is a precise attunement through pre-verbal incantations that tells of numinous landscapes, human emotions and its malleability.